By Tommi Vincent

Of course, you have your core values. Those are the consistent threads that are woven through out every aspect of your parenting. Every day in the process requires flexibility, because no one child is the same. In VINCENT COUNTRY, our faith, rooted in Jesus Christ, is at the center of everything. It is the cornerstone of our core values. Faith has driven our “train” from the very beginning. As Troy Sr. puts it, “This train stops for no one!” We love our children and believe wholeheartedly that our relationship with Jesus Christ is the greatest gift we have to offer. Our relationship with Him wills us to love, patience, kindness, and all the necessary attributes to raise amazing children, flaws and all.

It is our faith that gives us the ability to be flexible in their transitions of growth and development. Every stage of life has its challenges. Without out question the triumphs outweigh the challenges hands down. The challenges foster development and character. Embracing the moments in time that have you question your parenting skills not only grows them, it grows us too. We have learned to use life’s stumbling blocks as our stepping stones. This life lesson will transcend our children’s childhoods and carry them into raising their own families. If done right, no matter what path our children travel down, all roads will lead to purpose. Our faith drives us to hold firmly to our belief that every aspect in their journey will come together to work on their behalf. It’s all good!