I come from a long line of amazing chefs. Yes, I used the term chef, because that is exactly who they were. They cooked for the entire neighborhood on a daily basis. That sounds like a restaurant with customers to me! The difference is, it was a labor of love, and the compensation was watching others get full on the love being served up. The term to describe cooks like Nana Edie are dump cooks. I proudly take on that title. There are no measurements and no directions. You know how much or how little spice and cooking time by feel, taste, and look. Though I am classically trained, I do not stray away from my roots. It is my inspiration. Nana Edie transformed many atmospheres making magic happen in the kitchen. A meal with love as the star ingredient is food for the soul.


As a wife and mother, it is my responsibility to love my family to life. They all know I love through food. As a matter of fact, it is now an expectation I gladly oblige. It is my hopes that I will pass along this aspect of my heritage and it will be a part of the VINCENT COUNTRY legacy.


It is my responsibility to share my Nana Edie, and all of the amazing cooks of my family, through every dish served up. My children may have never meet some of their ancestors, but as I draw inspiration from them, they come alive in my cooking. This is what legacy-inspired cooling is all about!