As parents our priority is not only to govern ourselves accordingly, but ensure the other adults we allow around our children are individuals they can model after too. It is a rarity that a community of people do not play a role in raising children. Especially when parents work and have responsibilities outside the home.


Raising children is serious business and should not be done by happenstance. Be intentional about who you allow around your children. Especially in atmospheres that are in your control.  This is not always full proof, so when you learn otherwise, do not hesitate to do what is in their best interest. Children are relying on adults to care for them. Care requires thoughtfulness and foresight. Parents do not know who their children will grow up to be. We must foster atmospheres that are not stifling to their development and hindering to their potential.  It is our responsibility as parents to see beyond today and envision bright promising futures for each one of our children.


Life’s journey has countless twist and turns. Let us, as parents, be a consistent positive influence in their lives. The point of stability and reliability our children can look to for clear and concise direction. This does not mean there will be no missteps. What it does mean is we will right the wrong and straighten the course. A life lesson children can grow from.