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Brunch & A Lifesaving Conversation

December 15

11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Brunch & A Lifesaving Conversation With Chef Tommi V. is a quarterly brunch series benefiting women and children affected by DVSA, transitioning from surviving to thriving. Chef Tommi V will go to different cities nationwide cheffing for a brunch hosted by a person of influence for ten invited guests, to include Chef Tommi V. and the host. Each guest makes a donation of $250 to be matched by a strategic partner totaling a raise of $5000. Proceeds will be donated to the National Domestic Violence Hotline and a safe house in a city or region of the brunch host’s choice.

Chef Tommi V. personally experienced a violent relationship throughout high school. Reflecting on that time she realized: 1. It is a miracle she is alive. 2. She is alive on purpose with a purpose! Her mission is to give voice to the unheard stories. The statistic is 1 out of 4 women will experience an abusive relationship in their lifetime. There are so many unaccounted stories, for many reasons, such as fear and shame to name a couple. Chef Tommi V.’s hope is to spread seeds that will germinate and spread like wildflowers. While there is so much ugliness in the violence, there is so much beauty in being liberated from the violence. It is in the moment victims are able to shift to survivors and beyond to thrivers.


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Vincent Country Events

Safe Zone Activity Day

In the host city of Super Bowl, VINCENT COUNTRY provides a safe zone of jubilee for children living in underserved areas. Students from a local school enjoy a day of fun, food, and sport activities led by NFL Legend Troy Vincent in a worry-free zone.


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