By Troy Vincent

As America begins planning the return to what will now be our new way of doing things. Soon, people will be going back to work, to school, and even their past times. In all of this, we must strike a balance between reasonable concerns and returning to some form of normality. It comes down to answering the question: What is driving you today, fear or faith?

Faith is the substance of hope, the evidence of things not seen. So often, it is the fear of those things we cannot see that prevents us from exercising our faith to bring about the results we want. Too many times, anxiety sets in because of what we cannot see. But faith being the substance of hope, can become the evidence of overcoming fear and ushering in success. For example, it is by faith that a team can come from behind and win a game. It is by faith that an individual player can make that move that proves to be the game changer. 

Conversely, fear can cause a team to play it too conservative and the clock runs out in defeat. A player may see the opportunity to change the game, but fear of failure may prevent making the play, or a life changing decision. Fear is false evidence appearing as real. Thinking the challenge is too big to overcome, or believing something is impossible, fear can become the victor. How many times does a business fail, or a game is lost, or a relationship falters because fear sets in preventing that very important last leap of faith?

As we begin to explore the next phase of normal, we will exercise either faith or fear. Faith is the true home field advantage. With faith we can defeat fear. In faith, there is no spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. We have power over fear. We have love for ourselves, our families and others, which guides us in our decisions. And with faith, we have sound minds to conduct our lives with wisdom that we might protect ourselves and others as we move forward. Those who are fearful during these unprecedented times should know that they can make it, that someone cares about them. You choosing to exercising your faith can give others hope. 

In the days and weeks ahead, let’s be faith-driven. Let’s activate our faith in words, actions and deeds. Let’s overcome fear with wisdom and love. Let’s claim victory through the power of faith.