I am the one I have been looking for all along. That has not always been the case. Searching for myself in all the wrong places sent me on a mission impossible. Adorning the title of wife (my first spirations as a little girl), mom, and mom mom are nothing to shrink back from. I find it to be an absolute honor and a privilege. If you were to remove those titles, guess what?  It is still me. Coming to the realization that cultivating me is what provides me the fuel to show up in all the other areas of my life, revealed limitless possibilities of who I will be in my lifetime.


I have taken the limits off.  Categories and definitions create unspoken restrictive boxes. My website is an unboxing. The box is me, and the contents inside are now accessible to others. The beauty of the personal box of you is its ability to expand to make room for new content. The more we add in the more we grow. Our adaptability, resiliency, and vulnerability are key attributes to remaining in a constant state of growth.


I am no longer looking for permission and validation.  Tommi A. Vincent has authorized herself to bring her whole self to the table. Find it not strange that I am speaking about myself in third person. You should try it sometime! As often as needed,  we must have truthful conversations with ourselves as a point of affirmation and accountability.  Journeying through a lifetime as a stranger in your own life is a light dimmer. In my case it created a total blackout. Coming to the revelation I am the one now gives me a greater understanding of my healing journey. I have always held the clapper. What’s a clapper? So glad you asked. The clapper is the nifty gadget you’ve seen on television, “clap on, clap off”. I was the one with the clapper in my hand. My decision to take the necessary steps to identify how I got where I was turned the light on. I have reframed this season of my life as; my light was turning on, and now I could see myself.


Embracing my entire life’s journey helped me realize I am not the woman I am today without the full breadth of my experiences. I will continue to experience life. The details will continue to get added and the picture will continue to develop. It is a privilege to live and my right to live to the fullest of all my life’s possibilities. Notice I called out my life. No two lives are the same. We have a purposeful tailormade design. No one will ever beat us at being who we are created to be.


I am grateful to invite you into my unboxing, and honored to be a catalyst on your journey to unboxing YOU!