By Tommi Vincent

During our prolonged season of physical distancing, families are being forced to engage with one another. The term “forced” sounds as intended, the choice has been taken away. With the exception of a few meltdowns and squabbles here and there, I am proud to report we really do love each other. I will take it one step further, we like each other.

I wish that was everyone’s report. There are people who use leaving the house as a way to escape the company at home. Marriages of many years are discovering they are not in relationships at all. Siblings are required to communicate and function together to make it through these unchartered waters, at least in our lifetime. *My heart breaks considering those forced to be in spaces with their abusers (physically, mentally, or sexually).

It truly is a challenging time. That is precisely why it is the perfect time to grow. We are in the midst of a continuous life lesson. We have the opportunity to become better at life. As areas of deprivation are exposed in our relationships, we have an opportunity to make the necessary deposits to make them healthy again. When working on our relationships, inevitability, we will have a chance to see ourselves. There is a good chance we will not like all of what we see. The beauty in that is we are the controllable variable in the equation. We have full authority over ourselves and the power to change.

It’s the perfect time for those tough conversations!

We are in the confines of our own spaces, and free to be as vulnerable as we need to be. Take this opportunity to work on you. Use this time to fortify your relationships with your loved ones. If there was ever a time for tough conversations, the time is now. Nothing but time and opportunity. I say maximize the moment to minimize the damage to your heart now, making loving easier later.

*If you are in an abusive relationship and confined with your abuser please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Someone is available to assist 24/7/365.