By Tommi Vincent

A child’s ability to have fun is extremely important. We must never take fun for granted. If children do not see adults having fun, what do they have to look forward to?  A child’s eyes capture their outlook on their future.

Our objective was to create a carefree SAFE ZONE of activities the children could participate in. Mission accomplished! The St. Philip’s Community is a special place. The service offerings indicate they are aware of the needs of the community they serve. Serving others should never be self-serving. That is not service. That is called selfishness. Every child deserves hope in a future. When you are fortunate to have a platform and resources, use them to impact the lives of others. Resources are defined in many ways – time, money, relationships, talents, etc. The bottom-line is do something.

The joy that exuded from the children was infectious. Running from zone to zone laughing and giggling, they actually taught the adults a lesson. Life is not that serious, have fun and enjoy every moment.

Just as quickly as we came to town, we were gone. We can only hope that the seeds we sowed will flourish at the right time and in the right season. The difference between the successful and unsuccessful is opportunity. Every young person we impacted deserves an opportunity and St. Philip’s is fostering a SAFE ZONE community to assist in making that happen.