The Golden Rule—treat others how you wish to be treated, and love your neighbor as yourself are principals to live by. It is this guiding light that is needed more today than ever as we face the curses of fear, anger and division on a daily basis. It is upon this cornerstone that change occurs when the good in people becomes intentional and active.

We can heal the hurt of our nation, communities, neighbors, families, and spouses through serving one another. Serving others inspires the noble deed. It is in service to others that we find satisfaction, fulfillment, and blessing. Service is a gift that awakens purpose in both the one serving and the one receiving. Service is the “why” underscoring our responsibility to one another. It stirs the passion that unites people and promotes kindness and empathy toward one another.

We can look at examples in our community of service. We have seen the dedication and selflessness of first responders—doctors, nurses, EMTs, soldiers, educators, and men and women of law enforcement. We honor their service. But it shouldn’t stop at their doorsteps. Their example inspires serving others within each of our hearts. How can we serve? What can we do to make the world a better place? It starts with showing kindness through the very God-given gifts and talents that each of us have at our finger tips.

My wife Tommi, for example, has a tremendous gift of hospitality. She has brought so many people great joy by inviting them to a seat at our table or just fixing something and taking it to them. This gift has opened the door to enduring friendships, trust relationships, and helping others through difficult times as well as times of celebration. Our family loves to inspire children to realize their great potential. We are very intentional about creating opportunities for under resourced kids to have fun, learn leadership skills and be better equipped at their schools through our “Safe Zone” activity days. We serve others in a multitude of ways. These are all things that we love to do, and when we do them there is a great satisfaction and joy in serving others. Serving is woven into the fabric of the Vincent family. I say that not to be prideful, but to inspire you to consider and incorporate the blessings of service.

If there is something you enjoy doing or are passionate about, there are ways to do it and serve others. If you like to visit, visit someone who is in need of a friend. If you like writing, write encouragement to others. If you like to coach, find ways to inspire and instruct those in need of coaching. Your service can change your life, community and the world.

We can all look around us and see when there is a need for support and service. Someone who would be blessed by even a small token of kindness. The options to serve are endless and a personal choice. Choose to serve.