By Troy Vincent Sr.

There is no better time than now to position yourself for the best time in your life. As a man think, so is he. If you feel as though you are in a rut, that your life is standing still, that there is more to life than this, then it is time to reposition your thought life. Let’s keep reminding ourselves, we live out what we believe about ourselves. We must break out of being stuck between the lines of limited ideas, self-worth and philosophies. Commit and discipline yourself on shutting out the noise from the world and tuning in to that small inner voice that loves you and is encouraging you do what you were created to do.

The battleground of success is truly in the mind. The weight of day to day life can change the way you think, respond, and act out. Finances can become roadblocks. Relationships can become barriers. Work can wear you down. Maybe the things you have tried to become successful have not panned out the way you had hoped. Maybe you have tried different things for short periods of time but have yet to see fruit. Sometimes you have to slow down and stand still before you can speed up again. Renew your mind. Rethink your situation. Anticipate and expect the best to happen. Win the battleground of the mind.

We have to be tough to break through barriers. It takes courage to live with pressure as you pursue your best. Perseverance often is the champion of greatness. Be encouraged when it gets tough. One day at a time, put your faith and hope to work. Write down your greatest ideas, dream your dream. You are not too old, or too young, or too poor, or too anything. Use your time wisely. Think strategically about what you want to do. Be intentional. Understand that right now, today, this is your moment and be determined to live it. Believe that something awesome is about to happen.

Work to win; think to win; act to win. Do what you can with the time you have. You have been created to do what nobody else can do. Believe in yourself, love yourself, know that you were created for a greater purpose. When you think to achieve and secure the battlefield of the mind, you will know who you are and begin to see your talents and individual skills. Your life will fit you like a tailor-made suit. A one size fits all is not your destiny. 

Assumptions should never be limitations to opportunity. Do not fear. Fear of failure is self-imposed. Therefore, you can either create it or destroy it. Face your fears so that you can become the person that you are destined to be. When you fall down, get back up. Define your values. Invest in you—invest time in yourself, get to know yourself. Persevere—show up, take action, know what is working, make adjustments until you get it right. Remember that success does not define you, you define your success. Let’s go!