By Tommi Vincent

People (well intentioned logical people) will try to talk you out of your courage to press beyond what you consider to be a limitation. God usually chooses the person least likely to achieve. He is not limited by your limitations. God always causes us to see who we really are before He uses us. You cannot walk in purpose while you are having an identity crisis. The image you have of yourself determines how far you will go.

Thoughts of inadequacy will paralyze your strength. Gifts lie dormant because of negative self-image. Some of us mistake our feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem with humility. It takes confidence to walk into destiny. The longer it takes to accept your gifts and greatness, the further destiny is delayed. When you embrace who you truly are, you mess up the narrative of who others say you are. Before long, you no longer fit with them. Large crowds drain your strength. When you realize who you are, your company decreases and your power increases. Now God can use you to do amazing things. God doesn’t demand anything from us that is not already deposited. If He is asking it of you, it is already in you.

People need you to be who you really are. Lives are tied to your life. Own it. Embrace it. Be confident in it. Do not allow anyone to talk you out of being your best you. You are born for greatness. Choose to be great!